How To Protect Outdoor Furniture From Thieves: Here’s How

Recent years have seen a significant uptick in the theft of patio furniture across the United States. Patio furniture has become a popular object of thievery due to its high value and the fact that it’s relatively light and easy to move.

There are several avenues to explore to protect your outdoor furniture from thieves. You can either prevent the entry of thieves onto your property, or you can secure your furniture in a way that will make it more difficult for thieves to make off with your prized possessions.

There are several ways to prevent thieves from taking your outdoor furniture. Which method to choose – whether one or multiple – will depend on you as the individual and how far you are willing to go to prevent the theft of your patio furniture. Depending on the circumstances, more drastic measures may be required.

How To Protect Outdoor Furniture From Thieves

There are several ways to protect your outdoor furniture from being stolen. The degree to which you feel you need to protect the furniture will determine the extremity of the measures you decide to take to ensure its security.

Whether you allow your dogs to roam the backyard to alert you of potential furniture thieves, or you decide to install a fully functional alarm system, you will find a method that best suits your individual circumstances.

Some manufacturers specialize in creating devices specifically designed to prevent the theft of patio furniture. This can be a brilliant option, but using a simple steel cable and a lock can be equally effective to ensure the furniture cannot be moved easily.

Placing the cushions for your outdoor furniture into a storage box with a lock will ensure that this component of your furniture is guaranteed to be safe from thieves.

Steel Cables

A simple steel cable – available at most hardware stores – is a more aesthetically pleasing option than a conventional bulky metal chain. Its sleek design makes it an attractive option for securing outdoor patio furniture because it can be mostly hidden from view. 

How To Protect Outdoor Furniture From Thieves: Here's How

Using a thin steel cable that is less visually obvious than a typical chain will ensure that you do not detract from the beauty of the outdoor furniture. By adding a master lock to the steel cable, you will create an extra dimension of security while giving you the option to temporarily remove the cable whenever necessary.

To use a steel cable to secure your patio furniture, run a long cable piece through the furniture items’ frames. The best option is to connect multiple pieces at once. If possible, connect as many furniture items together as possible.

By connecting the furniture items to each other, the only option for a thief (other than cutting through the steel cable) is to carry away all of the furniture at one time. This is a challenging feat to achieve, so most criminals will not attempt it.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are usually an excellent deterrent in preventing the theft of patio furniture. Criminals will naturally be wary of being caught on camera while stealing patio furniture, as the video evidence of their criminal acts will make it far more likely for them to be caught and convicted.

The theft of patio furniture is considered a relatively serious crime with severe penalties, so most thieves will do everything to avoid being caught on camera.

The downside of using security cameras is their substantial cost. Fake cameras are a cheaper alternative to real cameras, and they may serve their purpose simply by scaring criminals away.

House Sitter

The presence of a person in your house is usually a sufficient deterrent for any prospective patio furniture thief. Hiring a house sitter while you are away on holiday makes you far less likely to have your patio furniture stolen.

It should be a sufficient deterrent even if you hire someone to come in once a day to make it look like somebody is staying on the property.

Bring Furniture Indoors

While not the most ideal option, bringing your furniture indoors is a simple solution to ensure the patio furniture does not get stolen while you are away. This may not be convenient to do every evening while staying at the house. Still, it may be an option worth considering if you go away for the weekend or a more extended period.

Let Your Dogs Out

A simple solution for keeping your outdoor furniture safe could be allowing your dogs to roam in the garden at night. Dogs are usually a sufficient deterrent for criminals, even if their role is simply to alert you that there is an intruder on the property.

How To Protect Outdoor Furniture From Thieves: Here's How

Make Use Of Signage

Warning signs such as “Smile, you’re on camera,” or a sign that warns of a guard dog on the property can, in most cases, be sufficient to keep criminals at bay.

Incorporate Lighting

The addition of lighting around your patio region ought to create an environment less conducive to thievery. Criminals much prefer to work in dark spaces as there is far less likelihood of being caught when there is a good amount of bright light on the property.

Create A Taller Fence

Building a taller fence will make it more difficult for thieves to enter your property to steal your patio furniture. A taller fence will also be far more challenging to lift the furniture over once it has been stolen.

Install Ground Anchors Or Stakes

Ground anchors are designed specifically for keeping patio furniture in place. These are attached to decking or solid floor surfaces by screwing them into the ground. The legs of the furniture are subsequently attached to the anchors, fixing the furniture items in place.


Your patio furniture is a significant investment that requires adequate protection to ensure it doesn’t disappear at night while you sleep. Unfortunately, the theft of patio furniture is extremely commonplace in today’s society, so the necessity to secure your furniture has become more critical now than ever.


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