What Are The Best Black Paints For Outdoor Furniture?

Outdoor furniture tends to wear out quite quickly — especially if you forgot it outside that one time when it rained (whoops!). Fortunately, you can use paint to give old outdoor furniture new life, and who’s to say it shouldn’t come back sleek and modern with a coat of black paint?

The best outdoor black furniture paints have a deep and rich finish, are scratch and weather-resistant, and apply smoothly in two coats. You also want to consider a finish that will look best on the furniture (satin, gloss, matte) and what material (wood, metal, plastic) it’s made of. 

Below you’ll find details on what the best paints are for outdoor furniture as well as how to apply them to each material. 

What Are The Best Black Paints For Outdoor Furniture?

Black has become a staple paint color in recent years. It can add a moody or modern look to rooms as much as furniture within it. 

But what paint is best for your outdoor furniture? Well, you want to select black paint based on the material of your outdoor furniture. 

Let’s break it down to see which paint brand works best on which outdoor furniture materials and the top-ranking colors in those ranges. 

Black Paint For Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture is one of the best options as far as material goes — it looks great and is easy to paint over (or even stain!). 

If you want to maintain the natural wood look, you want to ensure that the wood is sealed correctly. 

However, if you want to modernize your old furniture set, painting it black is the way to go. 

You have many options when it comes to choosing outdoor paint for wooden surfaces. You can use:

● Oil-Based Paint

● Latex Paint

● Water-Based Paint

● Acrylic Paint

● Chalk Paint

For each of these paint types, you want to make sure that you one, don’t have to seal it, or two, use an outdoor grade sealant to prevent the paint from chipping. 

Benjamin Moore has some of the best black paint options available. Try the following colors:

● Midnight Oil

● Carbon Copy 

● Black Forest Green

● Black Panther

● French Beret

These paints each have a unique undertone and will make your outdoor furniture stand out. 

Remember to select a finish that will suit your existing furniture. 

Protip: If you have wicker furniture, make sure to use oil-based exterior paint. Oil-based paint is more flexible than other paints, which is good if you have lots of soft curves to paint around. 

Black Paint For Metal Outdoor Furniture

Metal furniture generally requires a bit more work to paint — depending on the condition of the furniture. 

Generally, you want to use a metal primer followed by an enamel paint or use a metal spraypaint.

And before you even think about applying a layer of paint, you want to make sure you remove any signs of rust using a metal brush and some sandpaper. 

Because metal has a unique finish, you want to thinly layer on brush-on paint or evenly spray on the spray paint. 

Rustoleum has many spray paints with varying finishes, including a hammered metal, matte, or glossy look. 

Some of the black paints they have available, go by these names:

● Aged iron

● Galaxy

● Moonlight copper

● Black night

● Farmhouse black

These colors can transform any worn metal furniture to become the beauty of the patio!

Black Paint For Plastic Outdoor Furniture

The sun can quickly fade outdoor plastic furniture, making it a sight for sore eyes. 

The solution to faded plastic? A new and darker paint. 

Before you apply any paint to smooth plastic furniture, it’s best to sand the furniture lightly. 

As for paint, you have a few options. 

If you want your plastic chairs to look more expensive, you can use metallic spray paints to achieve the desired effect. 

If you’re happy with the way the plastic finish looks and want to update the color, you can do that using spraypaint too. 

Here’s a link to the Krylon spray paint page to see all the finishes and colors you have to choose from. 

Alternatively, you can paint your plastic furniture with a paint and primer combo that’s specifically formulated for plastic surfaces.

How To Paint Your Outdoor Furniture Black

You can start painting now that you know which paints are best suited to each material. 

While each material and furniture piece will be different, these are the general steps you want to follow when painting your outdoor furniture black:

  1. Clean the furniture using a damp cloth and soapy water.
  2. Give the furniture piece a light sand using medium grit sandpaper and wipe down excess dust using a damp cloth.

From here on, you have to adjust as needed for your specific furniture item:

  1. If you want the paint to better adhere to your furniture, you can either roll, brush, or spray on a thin layer of primer. 
  2. Start by painting the largest surface area of your furniture piece using even strokes.
  3. Then, using a smaller brush, take some of the black paint to get into the corners and smaller details of the furniture item.
  4. Once you’ve applied the first coat of black paint, wait for it to dry completely, then add a second layer of paint by following steps 2 to 5. Make sure to use fine-grit sandpaper instead of a medium one this time around. 
  5. If the paint is still streaky or uneven, repeat these steps until you achieve the desired effect. Generally, it won’t take more than three full coats to achieve full coverage.

Once you’re done painting, you also have the option to add a sealer or topcoat to seal in the paint and reduce the chance of it chipping before next winter rolls around.

How To Finish Your Outdoor Furniture

Once you’ve painted your furniture, it’s time to add a sealer. 

There are plenty of options available, but I’d recommend you use an oil-based sealer or a lacquer spray to seal in the paint. 

You want to apply the sealer according to the label instructions. 

Protip: If you’re afraid the sealer may tint your furniture, mix some of the black paint you used to paint the furniture into the sealer — that way, it’ll leave you with a smooth finish.


Painting your outdoor furniture in a fresh coat of black paint will liven up and restore and extend the longevity of the furniture piece. 

You want to make sure you buy suitable paint for the material you’re applying it to with any paint project. You also want to make sure it’s outdoor grade paint. 

So, there you have it. Pick a sunny weekend to refresh your outdoor furniture. That way, you can save money and start spring with a lively outdoor area!


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