Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture? 11 Pros and Cons

Acacia is a term given to many trees that grow naturally in southern Australia and parts of Africa. They are resistant to rot and insects and have a characteristic odor. But is acacia wood good for outdoor furniture? 

Acacia wood is good for outdoor furniture because it’s long-lasting, sustainable, easy to work with, light, and has a unique finish, and is affordable. However, it does not tolerate heat, is sometimes low quality, is susceptible to shrinkage, has visible defects, and needs maintenance. 

This article will list all the advantages and disadvantages of using acacia wood for your outdoor furniture. Keep reading to find more.

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Different Kinds of Acacia Wood

There are over 900 subspecies of acacia trees in the world. They are found in Australia, Africa, and parts of South America. For outdoor furniture, there’s no better than acacia babul wood or the locust variety. 

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture? 11 Pros and Cons

Both are widely available, and each one has many properties that make it a great option. However, for this article, we will focus on the more common babul type of acacia wood. 

Pros of Using Acacia Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Acacia wood is durable and resistant, and it is easy to work with. It presents many features that make it a perfect choice for furniture. Its properties make it an even better choice for outdoor furniture. 

Here are all the pros of working with acacia wood.

Acacia Wood Is Long-Lasting 

Acacia is a hardwood with great density and resistance, making it a great option for outdoor furniture. It has a natural resistance to the elements and withstands rain and water better than most hardwoods. 

Acacia wood is known to be denser than the European white oak and places just behind the marble wood. This makes acacia highly resistant to scratches. The natural oils of the acacia locust make it highly resistant to rot. This makes it a good option for outdoor furniture in humid or wet climates. 

Acacia Wood Is Sustainable 

It grows naturally in many countries, and it has been introduced to many other ecosystems. Acacia wood grows in India, most of Australia, parts of South America, and most of the middle east. 

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture? 11 Pros and Cons

It does not appear in the CITES appendices or the IUCN Red List. These two entities protect endangered species of flora and fauna around the world. This means that they do not consider any subspecies of acacia in danger of extinction. 

Acacia Wood Is Easy to Work With 

Hardwoods have a difficult reputation. They are difficult to mold and manipulate most hardwoods. However, acacia is different. You can shape it into several different items. Furthermore, its height makes it the best choice for long pieces like outdoor benches, posts, and dinner tables. 

Acacia is so versatile and durable that many woodworkers used it even for the veneer and decking. 

Acacia Wood Is a Lightweight Hardwood

When choosing furniture for the garden or the deck, it is always important to think about how heavy it is. Heavy furniture is difficult to move and adjust. It can also leave marks on your decking or grass. 

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture? 11 Pros and Cons

Luckily, acacia is not as heavy as other hardwoods. You will not have to worry when it comes to the time to rearrange your garden or move some furniture to storage. 

Acacia Wood Furniture Has a Unique Finish

The finish of your furniture is important for the overall aesthetic. Acacia has a very smooth and distinct finish. Furniture made of acacia wood tends to look different from any other wood possible, making your garden or deck feel unique. 

This is particularly important if you live in a residential area. Distinctive outdoor furniture allows you to show off your personality to passersby and neighbors. 

Acacia Wood Is an Affordable Fine Wood

If you choose the babul type of acacia, then it is an economical option. The reason is that the sap from this tree is used for many different products. Having two products coming from the same tree makes the cost of operation a lot less. 

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture? 11 Pros and Cons

Acacia wood is fine wood. Fine woods tend to be a lot more expensive than other types of woods. Still, acacia offers you an economical option for fine wood. 

Cons of Using Acacia Wood for Outdoor Furniture

Acacia wood might sound perfect, but there are still some issues to understand before choosing it for your outdoor furniture. The many varieties of this type of wood will make it hard to find fine acacia. Furthermore, it is a type of hardwood that requires constant maintenance. 

Keep reading to find out the disadvantages to have in mind when using acacia for your outdoor furniture. 

Acacia Wood Does Not Tolerate Heat 

The babul type of acacia wood does not tolerate heat well. We recommend that you don’t place your acacia furniture near any heat sources. This will produce a warping effect on your furniture that you cannot fix. 

Is Acacia Wood Good for Outdoor Furniture? 11 Pros and Cons

This can also happen with strong sunlight, so beware of using acacia wood if you live in a very hot climate. You can reduce the effects of heat by rotating your outdoor acacia furniture constantly. This will ensure each inch will receive the same amount of heat, making warping less possible. 

It Is Difficult to Find High-quality Acacia Wood

Acacia wood grows in many places, but only the type growing in India and the Middle East makes fine outdoor furniture. It is because of this that finding high-quality acacia might become hard labor.

Always go to a reliable source to get this type of wood, and ask an expert before buying. Lower quality acacia wood is not a good option for outdoor furniture. 

Acacia Wood Is Susceptible to Shrinkage and Swelling

Even though it is a highly resistant wood, acacia might present some issues when exposed to dry heat. It is especially susceptible to shrinkage if it is not properly treated and maintained. 

Another problem that acacia wood will present with time is swelling. This will become a bigger problem if exposed to snow or constant rain. 

Our advice is to keep your furniture away from extreme weather conditions or cover them during months of constant snow and rain. We recommend using a furniture cover like the Baner Garden N87 4-Piece Outdoor Furniture Cover Set

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Acacia Wood Comes With Many Defects

Even the most high-quality acacia wood will present visible defects before you treat it. This is because of its texture and grain, making many users want to cover it with paint or stains. 

Thanks to this, the time invested in working acacia for furniture can be higher than for other hardwood types.

Acacia Wood Requires Ongoing Maintenance

To avoid shrinking, warping, and other damage, you will need to invest in annual polishing and caring for the wood.

Avoid dropping alcohol or perfumes on it as this can compromise the integrity of the cells. One more thing to avoid is polishers made of silicone, as this can produce cracking over time. 

We recommend using the Howard SWAX16 Sunshield Outdoor Furniture Wax

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Although acacia has many qualities that make it suitable for outdoor furniture, it also presents many disadvantages. If you choose this type of wood, then remember to give it proper maintenance from time to time. By doing so, you will ensure that your outdoor furniture will last for many years. 

To recap, here is the list of all the advantages of using acacia wood for outdoor furniture: 

  • It is a long-lasting choice
  • It is a sustainable option
  • It is easy to work with
  • It is a lightweight hardwood
  • Acacia wood furniture has a unique finish
  • It is an affordable fine wood

Here is the list of the cons of using acacia wood:

  • It comes with many defects
  • It requires constant maintenance
  • It is susceptible to shrinkage and swelling
  • It is difficult to find high-quality acacia wood
  • It does not tolerate heat


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